What makes Indikhaa different?

Welcome to Indikhaa’s online store. In this post, we explain what differentiates us from off-the-shelf food products in the marketplace; so that you can make an informed purchasing decision to stay healthy, even while you indulge in the lip smacking flavours we offer.

The essence of our differentiation is encapsulated in our brand name: Indikhaa. We have gone back to the roots - recipes and products that have been used in everyday life for generations. Be it the family legacy recipes of our signature pickles and powders or superfoods like Makhana and Moringa powder - all our products are completely natural and devoid of any artificial additives.

Since the pickles, masala mixes, filter coffee powder et al were for personal consumption, our mothers, grandmothers and their ancestors before them only used the choicest produce of the land. From hero ingredients like raw mangoes, tomatoes etc to spices like red chillies, mustard seeds etc were carefully selected. Coffee beans were carefully roasted to the right extent and ground for the perfect taste and aroma. The processing was done by hand with a careful eye on quality. Long before cold pressed oils became a buzzword, our ancestors used to source seed oils from oxen driven oil mills; long before the world started extolling the health benefits of Moringa powder, it was a part of our daily diet - the ubiquitous Moringa drumstick used in Sambar and Rasam. We have brought those same quality standards to our brand. We source the produce fresh from farms/mandis in a responsible manner. The oil we use is cold pressed and fresh from the mill. The red chillies we use are the Guntur and Byadgi varieties, which are world famous. We maintain the highest standards of hygiene and safety - everyone on the shopfloor has to mandatorily wear personal protective attire - bouffant caps, latex gloves, eye glasses. These equipment mitigate any risk of product contamination, and at the same time ensure that the workers are protected from the spice powders.

Unlike off-the-shelf products that are industrially produced, we do not use any artificial preservatives. Indikhaa's products are freshly made to order - just like you like it. You can customize the taste of the pickles or peanut butter to suit your taste buds and we make them, freshly, to your order.

If the above reasons are not enough for you to give Indikhaa a try, we are sure the following reminiscence would be. It's that time of your childhood, finally, the last exam is over. You’re walking back home, kicking every pebble on the footpath. The mean heat of the sun pricking your skin, reminds you that summer vacation has arrived. Hopping over the doorstep, you enter home. Booming laughter, lively conversations and a range of aromas welcome you. Your mother, aunts and grandma are gathered in the kitchen, working together better than the world cup winning Indian cricket teams of 1983 and 2011. Your mother notices you. She smiles warmly and she pulls you closer by your arm. She mixes some freshly made sambar with rice and serves it with mango pickle and papadam. Instantly, the firework of flavors sends your eyebrows shooting up as your eyes sparkle. You click your tongue and nod your head in absolute appreciation! We bring that nostalgic feeling back to you as Indikhaa; and to experience that feeling again, grab your pack of Indikhaa goodness.