Indikhaa's products are made just the way nature intended them to be: all natural and without any artificial preservatives. Our products are freshly made to your order and to your taste, just the way you would like them.

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  • Health benefits of pickles

    Every tradition has its origin in sound logic, however anachronistic it may seem. Pickle making in India is steeped in tradition; every family group, in every nook and cranny of our expansive country has a tradition of pickle making

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  • A brief history of pickling

    A jar of pickle (Aavakaya for Telugu speaking folk, “achaar” for Hindi speaking folk) is the essence of home. The whiff of freshly made pickles instantly transports us to our childhood home and we can’t wait to dig into the medley of flavours.

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  • Many ways you can enjoy our pickles

    In this blog, we explore some adventurous ways you can add the goodness of Indikhaa's pickles to various dishes to make them extra zingy and give a twist that your family and friends will drool over.

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