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What makes Indikhaa different?


Indikhaa is your gateway to exceptional coffee, sourced directly from the lush green valleys of Araku Valley, India. We are passionate about bringing you the purest coffee experience, emphasizing ethical sourcing, fresh production, and natural ingredients.


Sourced with Responsibility

At Indikhaa, we believe in building strong relationships with the tribal farmers of Araku Valley. We source our coffee beans directly from these communities, ensuring fair prices and supporting their sustainable farming practices. This not only empowers the local people but also allows us to obtain the freshest, highest-quality coffee beans.


Freshness You Can Taste

We understand that coffee connoisseurs appreciate the difference that freshness makes. Unlike many commercial brands, we don't pre-grind or pre-package our coffee. Instead, we roast and grind our beans only after you place your order. This ensures that your cup of Indikhaa coffee is bursting with flavor and aroma, just as nature intended.


Pure and Natural Coffee

Indikhaa is committed to providing you with a truly authentic coffee experience. We never use any artificial preservatives or flavoring agents in our products. Our coffee is pure, unadulterated, and allows the inherent taste of the Araku Valley beans to shine through.

Indikhaa is more than just a coffee company; we are advocates for ethical sourcing, sustainable practices, and the enjoyment of pure, freshly roasted coffee. Join us on this flavorful journey and discover the magic of Araku Valley in every cup.

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